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Contact: poutinefest@facnh.com

Q: What is poutine?

A: Phenomenal. No really, poutine is french fries, cheese curds and gravy.

Q: Why Road Show?

A: The coronavirus pandemic has turned a lot of life upside-down! People are hurting, we’re cooped up, events are cancelling and small businesses are in trouble.

We could all use to get a change of scenery, to support some local business, and give ourselves a treat! And we think poutine is the treat we need!

We can’t gather a large crowd of poutine vendors and fans onto a single field in June to celebrate as usual, but maybe we can get out of our houses and into these restaurants for a little fun and to make sure the best are still around next year to come back!

Q: When is the road show taking place?

A: Tickets go on sale starting June 13, 2020. The road show, and the festival discount, is good from July 11 to August 31.

Q: What do I get with my ticket purchase?

A: You get a ticket good for a 25% discount on poutine at participating restaurants, a passport to mark your progress through the road show, and our official road show t-shirt to wear on the road!

Your tickets will arrive by email right after purchasing.

Your passport will be sent to you by email on July 9. If you purchase your tickets after July 9, you’ll get your passport at the time of purchase.

Q: Where do I pick up my T-shirt?

A: Shirts will be shipped to you. If you order by June 24th, you will receive your order for the start of the event. All other shirts will be shipped at a TBD date.

Q: What’s this passport all about?

A: Your “passport” has each participating restaurant on it and is your coupon to receive your 25% discount on your poutine. 

Q: I’m interested in Premiere tickets. Do I get to pick my t-shirt size?

A: Yes! You pick your shirt size when you buy your tickets.

Q: When did tickets go on sale?

A: June 13, 2020

Q: I’m a restaurant owner, sponsor, or other business that wants to participate.  Who do I contact?

A: There are several ways. You can call us at (603) 641-7114, email us at poutinefest@facnh.com, message us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/nhpoutinefest, or tweet us on Twitter @nhpoutinefest by June 19th.

Q: What brings this event to New Hampshire?

A: We feel silly saying this, but YOU did!  A recent analysis conducted on Google Trends  revealed that the Boston, MA-Manchester, NH metro area has the second most searches for poutine in the United States right behind (wait for it….) Seattle-Tacoma.  They lost to the Patriots, but won in poutine searches, huzzah!

Q: Is there a vegetarian option?

A: Most of the restaurants do use meat in their gravy. 

Q: Is there children’s pricing?

A: No.

Q: Why June?

A: We selected June as its the same month as La fête nationale in Québec, the birthplace of poutine.