Our 2021 Spooktacular event is SOLD OUT!

Contact: poutinefest@facnh.com

Q: What is poutine?

A: Phenomenal. No really, poutine is french fries, cheese curds and gravy.

Q: When does this event take place?

A: The event takes place on October 23rd, 2021. 

Q: When and where can I get tickets?

A: Tickets go on sale on September 18th, 2021 @ 10 AM. Tickets can only be purchased online here: https://nhpoutinefestspooktacular.eventbrite.com

Q: How much are tickets?

Première Admission –  $49.99. Early entry to the event at 11:30 AM, the official NH PoutineFest Spooktacular T-shirt ($22 value), bonus swag, and of course samples of vendor poutine.

A: General Admission – $39.99 Entry to the event at 12:45 pm, NH PoutineFest Spooktacular T-Shirt ($22 Value), and samples of vendor poutine.

Q: Is the event rain or shine?

A: NH PoutineFest Spooktacular 2021 is an outdoor event. It will take place rain or shine. Much of the event will be covered on the chance it rains. There will be no refunds or exchanges of tickets.

Q: What about COVID-19?

A: We abide by all state and local regualtions in regards to the ongoing global pandemic. Event attendees will acknowleged a COVID-19 waiver as they register. 

Q: Is there VIP Parking this year?

A: No. We have reduced capacity to ensure spacing for attendees. As a result all parking will be on site at Anheuser Busch. 

Q: Do I have to wear a mask?

A: We have reduced the capacity of our event to allow people to spread out. As of August 2021, masks are not required for outdoor events in New Hampshire. This is subject to change at the discretion of the state and local government. 

Q: Can I wear a costume?

A: Absolutely! We encourage it 🙂

Q: Is there an Uber/Lyft pickup location?

A: Yes, the pickup spot is located just beyond the Anheuser- Busch employee lot.  There will be a sign.

Q: Where is the event located?

A: Budweiser Brewery 221 Daniel Webster Highway Merrimack, NH 03054

Q: Can I bring a backpack into the event? How about lawn chairs and picnic blankets?

A: All bags will be checked prior to entering the event. We are guests of Anheuser- Busch, their policy is no weapons on site. Please be mindful of this.

Lawn chairs and picnic blankets ARE permitted.

Q: Is this event family friendly?

A: Absolutely!

Q: Do I have to buy poutine at the event?

A: No :).  All tickets include samples from our vendors.  They are what we call a healthy scoop.

Q: Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

A: You need to either present a printed NH PoutineFest ticket or your ticket on the Eventbrite app.

Q: I had to provide my name for ticket purchase.  Is identification required to enter?

A: ID is not required. You must only present a printed NH PoutineFest ticket or display your ticket on the Event Brite app.

Q: How do I vote for my favorite poutine? Whats this passport all about?

A: In your attendee bag there is a poker chip. Drop the chip in the bucket of your favorite vendor at the info table.

Your “passport” has each sampling vendor on it. We stamp at at each one you visit 🙂

Q: Je suis francophone. Est-ce qu’il y aura des informations en français?/I’m a French speaker. Will there be any information in French?

A: Oui! Cherchez des bénévoles qui portent des autocollants “Je parle français” ou venez nous rendre visite au point d’info du Centre Franco-américain. On parle français!/ Yes! Look for attendees wearing “Je Parle Français” stickers or visit the Franco-American Centre info table, we speak French!

Q: Are you going to make me buy $4 water in the event?

A: No! You can bring in one completely sealed water or soda into the event.  The bottle should be small enough to be carried in your hands.  There will also be water, soda, and beer available for purchase at the event.  It’s late June in the ‘Shire…guaranteed to be a hot day!

Q: Are umbrellas permitted?

A: Yes

Q: Will beer be available for purchase. 

A: Absolutely!

Q: When did tickets go on sale?

A: September 18th, 2021 @ 10 AM

Q: Is there a group pricing option?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Is there children’s pricing?

A: Yes – $14.99children’s ticket (Children 6-12). It includes two samples, a Halloween treat, and t-shirt. Children 5 and under are admitted for free. Strollers welcome!

Q:Why do I have to enter the number of children 0-5 attending when buying tickets?

A:We are preparing activities to keep the kiddos busy. Having an approximate head count will help us plan.

Q: What are the samples like?

A: We tinkered with this a lot. We describe it as a “healthy” scoop.  All ingredients are provided by the restaurants. Each restaurant is able to choose the style of french fries and other toppings they use.

Q: I’m a restaurant owner, sponsor, or other business that wants to participate.  Who do I contact?

A: There are several ways. You can Email us at poutinefest@facnh.com, message us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/nhpoutinefest, or DM us on Twitter @nhpoutinefest.

Q: Is there a shady place to eat?

A: Yes, there is a dining tent on site.

Q: What brings this event to New Hampshire?

A: We feel silly saying this, but YOU did!  A recent analysis conducted on Google Trends  revealed that the Boston, MA-Manchester, NH metro area has the second most searches for poutine in the United States right behind (wait for it….) Seattle-Tacoma.  They lost to the Patriots, but won in poutine searches, huzzah!

Q: Are pets allowed?

A: We love animals, but no pets, please.

Q: Is there a vegetarian option?

A: Most of the restaurants do use meat in their gravy.  However, we will have regular French fries available.  Please make us aware as you are entering the event.

Q: Why October?

A: We love Halloween and poutine! Great combo 🙂