NH PoutineFest Road Show Edition is ready to go!

Written by Nathalie Hirte

Over the last 5 years, we have seen the love for Poutine explode.  We were very excited about returning to Anheuser Busch to celebrate the 5th NH PoutineFest with you.  Then, the pandemic hit. Life as we know it changed over night and all events and businesses around the State were impacted.  BUT you can’t keep a Poutiniac down!

The NH PoutineFest team quickly gathered to re-image NH PoutineFest 2020 and take our Fest on the road. NH PoutineFest Road Show Edition was born!

Taking the show on the road allows us to not only celebrate one of Quebec’s finest imports but to also support local restaurants.  The pandemic has hit our poutine-offering restaurants hard and we felt this might be a great way to support them just as they have supported NH PoutineFest and the Franco-American Centre over the years.

How does the Road Show work you ask?

From July 11th to August 31st, go to a participating restaurant with your “Passeport à la saveur” to receive 25% off your Poutine. While you’re there, take a look at the menu. You might find something else to temp your taste buds. Maybe you’ll even discover a new favorite eatery while visiting our beautiful area!

Which restaurants are participating?  While the list is still growing, we already have great restaurants listed on our website. (See the restaurant page!)  If you want a fun way to keep track of the restaurants you’ve visited, purchase the ticket with the official t-shirt.  The back of the shirt will have the list of the participating restaurants.

Tickets go on sale this Saturday, June 13th at 10 am. Order by June 24th, we’ll get you your shirt in time for the start of the event.

Ticket options:

  • $29.99 for the Passeport à la Saveur (Flavor Passport) & Official NH PoutineFest Road Show shirt
  • $14.99 for Passeport à la Saveur (Flavor Passport) only.

While you are enjoying your poutine, make sure to take pictures and videos of yourself in front of the restaurant and post them on the NH PoutineFest Facebook page. After the close of the Road Show, we will gather pictures and videos into a montage we will share on our website.

It promises to be a delicious summer!!

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