Sold Out!

We’ve sold out of NH PoutineFest tickets!

If you are still interested in attending Franco-American Heritage Day at the Fisher Cats (and sampling the poutine they’ll be serving at their own concession areas), you can still purchase tickets for just the ballgame on the tickets page.

If you got tickets to NH PoutineFest, watch your email, Facebook and the website for details as the big day approaches.

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  1. Farshad Nozary says:

    I need 2 tickets to the fest! Did not even know we hastily buy tickets In advance ! Help please

    1. Joe Theriault says:

      Farshad, thank you for your interest. I see that you’ve already jumped over to Facebook to check if anyone would be willing to part with their tickets. That’s a good idea. You might be a trend-setter for others looking for tickets!

      If it doesn’t work out, there’s always next year!

  2. Steve Thinodeau says:

    I want Poutine Festival Tickets !!! 2 please

    1. Joe Theriault says:

      Sorry, Steve there was more interest than there is poutine we can serve in our first year! You might try your luck on the Facebook event or event page to see if anyone is willing to part with their tickets.

      If that doesn’t work out, hopefully we’ll see you next year!

  3. Brooke Porter-Jordan says:

    Is there anyway I could be put on a waiting list for tickets to the PoutineFest? I am absolutely dying to go! I just waited too long for tickets!

    1. Joe Theriault says:

      Argh that stings! Sorry, Brooke we don’t have an official waiting list because we don’t anticipate more tickets becoming available at this point, but if they do we’ll be in touch.

      If you you want try to take it into your own hands, you could try your luck on the Facebook event or event page and try to get people to part with their tickets.

      If we don’t see you on Sunday, I hope you can make it next year!

  4. Jonathan Hynes says:

    I have two tickets to NH poutinefest for sale.

    Text or call if interested. 603-425-8041

    1. Joe Theriault says:

      There’s a lot of interest on our Facebook event page, you may want to repost this there as well.

  5. Linda caron says:

    Bonjour, I was born in Quebec Province and poutine is a real treat for my family.
    The real clincher is that my grandfather was Joe Theriault from Rivière Bleu, Quebec . I now live in Northern Maine and my daughter just moved to Concord and she read about the Poutine Fest. I see it is sold out, so what is the best way to get tickets on time next year? We would absolutely love to go.
    Merci pour votre temp. Linda

    1. Roi de poutine says:

      Hi Linda! That post was from 2016…we are not sold out 🙂 Please click the tickets tab to purchase,

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