What to Expect at NH PoutineFest

Before you go

Have your tickets ready! This means saving the PDF on your phone, starring the email it’s attached to or even printing it out. If you need help finding it again, it’s from orders@eventbrite.com and the subject is “Your Tickets for NH PoutineFest 2018” (GMail users can just click here).

You are permitted to bring one sealed bottle of water per person into this year’s festival (up to 32 oz.) We will also have refill stations of tap water available in the event.

Parking is NOT provided on-site. There is plenty of paid parking within a 10-block radius of Northeast Delta Dental Stadium. There is free parking is on Commercial Street, but your best bet is to bring some cash for a good parking spot. There is designated handicapped parking spaces are available in front of Northeast Delta Dental Stadium. Detailed parking instructions can be found here http://bit.ly/FC-Parking.

Getting in

The entry time for premier ticket holders is 2:00pm. There will one gate by the main stadium entrance and another closer to the river. The two gates are to let us hand out the t-shirts included with premier tickets more efficiently. Before general admission entry, we will close the gate by the stadium entrance. If a premier ticket holder arrives late and that entrance is closed, they should walk directly to the other gate for immediate entry (any line will probably early arrivals for general admission).

The entry time for general admission ticket holders is 3:30pm. The gate will be across the event fencing toward the river.

Once your EventBrite tickets is scanned/collected, you’ll receive a wristband for the event. These wristbands allow you access to the NH PoutineFest area at the stadium, the Sam Adam’s Brewhouse, and the left field concourse. You will be able to freely move around the stadium one hour prior to the game. Forget something in your car? No problem, just keep your wristband on; you will be let back in.

T-shirts included with premier tickets will also be given out at the entrance. Please keep your ticket out and inform the volunteers of your sizes to get your shirts as quickly as possible.

Everyone will also receive an NH PoutineFest bag when you enter. The bag contains a passport with all of our restaurants listed on it. As you visit each restaurant we will stamp your passport. You must have your passport to get your sample. The bag also contains poker chip to vote for your favorite restaurant. Drop your poker chip off in the buckets at the FAC table for restaurant you like best!

What else is going on?

  • Laura from Rock 101 will be our VIP hour DJ, staying on with us until 4:30 pm. She will be doing ticket giveaways and contests with attendees. http://rock101fm.iheart.com/
  • Fun Time Events will have a photo booth in the Sam Adam’s Brewhouse
  • “Celebrity judging” will begin at 4 PM in the Brewhouse
  • The Fisher Cats take the field at 7:05 PM in their custom PoutineFest jerseys. You can bid on game worn jerseys at the game!
  • After the game there will be a spectacular Rush Fireworks show courtesy of Atlas Fireworks!

What do I do when I’m full?

  1. Instagram your passport #nhpoutinefest of course
  2. Go to the FAC table and drop your voting chip in the bucket of your favorite restaurant
  3. Go into the stadium and enjoy the Sam Adam’s Brewhouse, a complimentary game, and fireworks”

Anything else to know?

There’s a bar in the NH PoutineFest area and one on the stadium concourse. Alcoholic beverages cannot be taken between the two areas; the NH Liquor Commission forbids it.

Umbrellas are allowed if there are rain showers. This is a rain or shine event. See the FAQ for full details.

Restrooms will be available inside of Northeast Delta Dental Stadium in the Samuel Adams Brewhouse. Portable Restrooms are also available in the NH PoutineFest area.

AA Baseball Eastern League’s policies rules prohibit bringing food or drink into the stadium. Weapons of any kind are also prohibited in the facility. Pursuant to NH RSA 126-X, the Fisher Cats do not allow guests, clients, customers or other visitors to use therapeutic cannabis within Northeast Delta Dental Stadium, its designated smoking areas outside of the ballpark, or in parking lots. We appreciate your cooperation. All bags subject to search. For quickest entry into the event and into the stadium for the Fisher Cats game, please consider leaving bags at home or locked safely inside of your vehicle.

If you have more questions, check out our FAQ.

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